Monday, October 27, 2008

OCTOBER 2008 -- AT HOME and about

At home, the kids show off the largest zuchini ever grown by green-thumbed Erin:

Monday, October 6, 2008

OCTOBER 2008--Granny Ruth's 90th Birthday

These are several photos from our trip to Costa Mesa, California for Granny Ruth Wilson's 90th birthday celebration. Here, Anna in Granny's backyard:

Emma and Granny went for a pedicure together on our first full day there -- great fun for both of them.

Granny Ruth ruling over her domain -- the living room and kitchen of her castle!

We went to try to visit the tidepools just south of Newport one day at Laguna Beach, but alas, arrived at high tide when it's impossible to get to the critters. Here is Anna just walking up to strangers and treating them like lifelong friends:

At Granny's birthday party itself, cousin Jonathan who is the personal chef for Charlize Theron got the day off and cooked several amazing dishes for us. Voila one of them:
Granny cutting up her cake:

Adam made a pumpkin for Granny which we hauled all the way from Utah to California. He was mighty darn proud of it and loved the chance to give it to Granny at her party.

Here is Anna on the carousel near the Newport Beach to Balboa Island Ferry.
And then all of us at Balboa Island getting some of their famous frozen bananas, a California trip tradition: