Thursday, June 26, 2014


We went to the beach late on Saturday after having driven from Saint George. 

Sam wanted to be buried because he was cold. Never mind that he was also wet all over.
Karen and Verl told us when we were last at their place about a restaurant (for which we were sadly underdressed) that had good clam chowder. Adam, Anna, and Sam were dismally not excited until they found a woman's dog to borrow. 
Fast forward about 24 hours. Then we got frozen bananas and hiked around Balboa Island.  I lost my sunglasses in the canal. After hearing my quick intake of breath and the splash, they thought that it was a) a person, or b) a cell phone, both of which are less easily replaced than a pair of sunglasses, although I had only had them for around two days.
After an exciting bedtime for Anna, Adam and Dad chilled in the hotel pool.
On Wednesday, Adam refused to get wet. Or to get sandy. In fact, the only thing he really wanted to do was go to 'BP' a.k.a. batting practice. He would have been satisfied to stand outside of the gates at Angels Stadium for six hours prior to the two hours of batting practice prior to the game's beginning.
While the boys were catching balls from the likes of Mike Trout, the females explored the Crystal Cathedral. Anna was not excited until I pointed out to her that the more time we spent taking "glamour shots" the less time we had to spend at the game. There were no more complaints.
For dinner, the boys got pizza at the stadium. Anna got Taco Bell because she didn't like "fancy food" that Mom and I were eating. Not fancy exactly, but delicious.
To finish the day, we assisted in the making of a new Guinness World Record: the largest gathering of people  wearing Santa hats. We all put them on to watch the game. By the end, Sam was extended across three seats trying to fall asleep. He also was gifted a tub of popcorn larger than his head by the man in front of us on the escalator. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 10, 2014

Yeah it's been awhile.

Chillin' with Bonus Cousins in Saint George

Anna's Fancy Nancy Birthday Party in March

At The Swan Lake in January

Mesa Verde, CO: Spring Break

Easter Egg Hunt


A walk by the river with cousins

Sam's Manwich

At the Symphony

Hiking to Stewart Falls

Weeding the sandbox

Emma at Goblin Valley

Have a great summer!