Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Photos That Are Pretty

We go to a care center for sacrament meeting every Sunday in addition to our normal ward: some people like to play (and fight over playing) on mom's phone during the session.
We had to bring a lot of tomatoes in from the garden before the frost, they're sitting on the window sill in the kitchen so that they will still get ripe.
Pizza delivery man.
Earlier this summer... but still a cool photo of Margo (who was not screaming her head off a second later)
Again, the beautiful tomatoes getting ripened in the kitchen.
On the way to California a couple of years ago, actually. Right about where Utah Lake ends and you move into the desert there are some very nice mountains that you have an unobstructed view of from the highway.
Anna's friend Nohaya playing with a green balloon... one of my favorites.
On the way to the tide-pools in California right before Corona del Mar.
This photo is ancient. Almost five years have passed since the Windhorsts moved away. Maddie is hanging up top, with me in the middle and Tessie kneeling beside me.
This was on the way back to California on that same trip that I mentioned before. There had been snow while we had been gone, and the highway all the way through Utah even down by Saint George was edged in a thin layer of snow.

The Process of Asking a Neighbor for a Snow Shovel

What would we do without kind next-door neighbors?