Monday, May 26, 2008

FamWeek to May 26, 2008

Fam lowlight of the week: Mark couldn't get permission from the international affairs office at BYU to go to a conference in Nigeria and thus had to cancel his trip. :(
Fam highlights: going to Emma's year-end class play at school, and visiting the Dinosaur Museum together on Memorial Day. :)
Here are a few shots from the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point: Emma the dam-builder, replica of what sharks used to look like back when they were even bigger and meaner than today, sandpit for digging out fake bones, and lastly, revenge of the carnivorous souvenir!

Here are two shots of Emma's classroom play: Emma climbing up the endless hair of "Rafunzel" and then her and her teacher afterwards.

And lastly, a few more shots of kids doin' the stuff kids do. One of the photos is of someone "showing off their chest muscles" -- see if you can guess which!

Monday, May 19, 2008

FamWeek to May 19, 2008

Photo of Emma at her last softball game: notice the mountains all around, and note as well the cool uniforms -- the girls all think they scored by getting the name "Bandits" and the skyblue color. They pity those po' fools who got stuck with boring names and dull colors. Highlights of last game included several new cheers; Emma stepped in to choreograph the moves that go with them.
Odd but kind of cool shot of Adam and Anna on a Sunday afternoon doing their part on the birthday card for Caren which Emma drew. Shows good view of our backyard, now serving as the local football field for all the boys for blocks around -- which makes me very happy as long as we don't get sued. But hey, several E.R.-quality injuries already and no attorneys sending threatening letters, so we're probably in the clear on this one for now.

Three views inn succession of Caren considering blowing out her birthday candles, blowing out the candles, and revelling in having blown out the candles. (Though looks like I got them the wrong order, unless you're Arabic or Chinese and used to reading from right to left.) Each candle stands for 9.33333 years if you do the math. Having her live near us has been a tremendous blessing and great fun -- the kids love her to death and always look forward to her visits each Sunday.

And lastly, a short one-minute or so video of Sam laughing giddily while held by our amiga Rae. People warned us not to give marijuana to a five-month old, but we had this great stash of hash from some Columbian friends and couldn't resist. You can see the hilarious (though perhaps, sadly, brain-damaging) results for yourself.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sam the Launcher of Liquid (May 12, 2008)

Behold, a photo of Sam the Spewing Phenom! This is the first split-second of what became the standard one cup or so of launched liquid. He is the only kid who somehow drinks what seems like a gallon of formula a day, but then launches two gallons. Or more: we try to catch it in a bowl, or a bucket, or a backhoe, but he fills them all to the brim in seconds. In fact, the Provo Parks Commission called on him last week to fill all the public pools, which he did in a matter of minutes. Yep, that kid can really launch the liquid!

The video below is a 34-second clip of Sam in his beloved bouncer. How homo sapiens survived without these for millenia is beyond me.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Adam is now 5 1/2 and is all energy, all the time. This photo is from one of the highlights of his mortal existence to date: getting stabbed in the back by an open knife accidentally dropped by a neighbor above him in a tree. His only response to the whole affair was: "cool!" The response of the E.R. doctors: "We'll do some tests to make sure the knife didn't puncture his kidney." In the end, the kidney was fine, Adam got ice cream for being brave in the hospital, and he got his first real scar which he thinks is great.

In this short video, you shall the wondrous, flexible kid at work. (The older voice in the background is of Granny Emma who just died about a month ago.)

Some recent photos of Anna who turned TWO on March 25

Photo of Caren with Emma, Adam, and Anna at a SLC outdoor cafe.