Monday, July 27, 2009

JULY 2009--Trip to NEW YORK STATE!

One day we visited Old Fort Niagara with Grammy, Grampy, and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sue. This is a fort left over from the War of 1812 which sits at the strategic spot where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie on the U.S. side. There are actors/guides all over in historic costumes -- voila the American soldier valiantly defending the fort with his musket ...
... the women growing veggies and doing the wash inside the fort ...
... a guy chopping wood ... ... and a pretty terrifying-looking native guy showing the various indigenous ways to kill and eviscerate your enemies. (Go ahead, try it on your local Yankees or Cowboys fans!)
The view from the fort is spectacular, and you could see way out over Lake Erie from the top of one of the fortifications:
And lastly, Jeff and Sue after we all gathered together as a family to kill, scalp, boil, and eat the Iriquois guide for lunch. Look at that satisfied, post-lunch smile: