Monday, January 26, 2009


On the night of January 20(?), 2009, we all celebrated an event which I thought I would never see come to pass in my lifetime: the beginning of the presidency Barack Obama, an African-American. Our friends Kif and Sterling Adams organized a big inauguration ball at a cafe downtown and it was a gala affair -- not quite the same as going to an official ball in Washington, D.C., but hey, it was way cool, nonetheless. It was a night of great joy and hope for everyone.
Here we are all dressed up and ready to go, and Emma and Adam were old enough to come along -- we wouldn't have had them miss it for anything!

The night began with a limo ride from the Wells Fargo parking garage to the front door of the ball hall. We decided we like to be hauled places in very large, fancy limos.
And here is the red carpet entry:
This was the scene of the festivities, and I think everyone may be getting ready for the big toast here. That's our friend and neighbor Susan Barber in the front left, Bruce Young from the English Dept with his wife in front also -- fellow Dem's and revelers:And here is energy boy with own fancy, non-alcoholic cocktail:
Every January, a student organization at BYU hosts a candle-light vigil and series of speeches on the eve of Martin Luther King Day. It's usually freezing, and that night was no exception--though also great fun for all. The next three photos are us at the Kimball Bell Tower on campus where the march always begins.

These next slides are of Emma's science project -- her little brother was her 'guinea pig' on which she experimented. In addition to television, our Energy Boy also appears to be hyper when exposed to the planet's atmosphere (and also when he's not):
And here is Emma posing with Melanie, one of her best friends and a classmate this year.And this is Emma with her 4th grade teacher Ms. Kartchner, an absolutely outstanding teacher in every way. (When Caren was just out here logging hours of classroom observation for her Masters in education, she went to Emma's class for a day or two and said Ms. Kartchner was the best teacher she had ever seen.)Various family photos at home ...
Here is a photo of Monroe and Shirley Paxman who I have been hometeaching for a few years. He is 90 and she is 89 and they are some of the brightest, most interesting, most service-minded people I have ever met. Below them is Zane Kay Wall, my HT companion and a wonderful guy.