Monday, November 3, 2008

OCTOBER 2008--misc photos and videos



Around Oct 21, 2008, the Burnzies and friends gathered to celebrate Adam's illustrious 6th birthday. The theme: Transformers! We did various games and after those, the kids all made their own Transformers using mini-pumpkins, playdo, and whatever else was around to work with.

After that, we gathered to bash the crap out of a poor pinata. Sadly, the victim was the most impressive pinata ever perhaps concocted by a bunch of 6-9 year old females in the history of our planet. It was a classic Emma production in terms of being far more impressive and creative than you'd think possible from a kid. (She's pretty amazing at this kind of stuff.)

The cake featured its own Transformer on top, and Adam made a wish before blowing the candle out that we're pretty sure had to do with the acquiring of guns, motorcycles, loud electrical musical instruments, football, and other things useful for maiming household and backyard objects.
And the best present of all -- a dirtbike! In case you aren't aware, these kinds of bikes are the optimal modern-day machines by which children with their fragile little bodies go flying over, crashing through, or at the least running over stationery objects.