Monday, September 1, 2008

LAGOON AMUSEMENT PARK (end 'o summer 2008)

In late August 2008, right before school started for the kids, I took Emma and Adam to the state-famous "Lagoon Amusement Park" about 70 miles north of Provo. First, however, we stopped to visit Aunt Caren at her place of emploi, the entrance sign to which you may peruse below:
Here is Caren doin' the work thang, runnin' the show, bouncin' all interlopers who don't possess official clearance to be there, and pretty much organizing the whole office by herself. She's amazing when it comes to this stuff.

And in case you didn't realize it, this is where you came from: point #1, or Africa and thence north. Of course, some people think the world is only 6,000 years old and every scientist in the world is misguided and that this genetic map stuff is thus all wrong; those people are called "idiots," or "Sarah Palin."
After we got the office tour from Caren, we went to an early lunch at a cool place near where she works. Somewhat surprisingly, Salt Lake City has its fair share of cool places to eat. In the coolest places of all, they don't kick you out when you try to do straw tricks like Adam is below.
And from there, it was off to Lagoon! The following shots all have some of the different rides we did throughout the day and into the night, though the best ones -- the spook house rides and the wicked rollercoasters -- you can't really take pictures in. Suffice it to say it was a fun, wonderful day in all ways and a great way to end the summer for all three of us.


Here are some photos from the mini-family reunion in Lyman, Utah after Granny Carol's wedding to Doyle. We left on Saturday afternoon after the reception and stayed 3-4 days together in the cabin which once belonged to Grandpa and Grannie West and now belongs to their niece. These are some of the cousins: Anna, Harper (with Uncle Marc), and Samuel.

And these are highlights from the hike we took one morning in nearby Capitol Reef National Park:


THE BIG DAY! -- Granny and our new Grandpa Doyle were married on August 2, 2008 and it was a great deal of fun for all. Here are some photos, tho not very good ones, of the reception at Doyle's sister's home. First, the happy white-haired lovebirds seen from the second floor balcony of the house:

And here is Carol in the big day, all adorned in white and with a pretty terrific corsage:

Aunt Caren with a big smile during the reception:

Our friend Rae with Anna:

Emma and Adam taking turns playing with the pinball machine in the house (those are old-fashioned toys from the pre-computer game era)--note Emma's beautiful dress which she and Granny made together especially for the wedding:

And here is Anna in her wedding-day dress outside with her cousins Eric from Salem, Oregon and Kellen from Portland, Oregon: