Monday, October 5, 2009


At the beginning of October on the weekend of LDS General Conference, we drove for two hours while listening to the talks on the radio, then hiked and picnicked during the two-hour break, then drove for another two hours home while listening to more talks. We've discovered this is the only way we get anything from the talks since watching at home on TV is pretty hopeless. So that weekend, we first drove to the Manti Temple about 70 miles south of Provo ...

... and then we went hiking off the Nebo Loop drive -- and the leaves were in full fall colors, as you can see. (The colors here get pretty nice in the mtns, but they'll never quite equal those in New England, alas.)

Two photos of Anna, the second of which is her classic "glare"--she does this when she means to be super-serious about something, of course, but it always comes off as pretty hilarious instead.

And then the other big though sad event of the month: Sam's first haircut in a very long time. Notice the before and after shots:

And finally, four random videos of selected offspring:


Adam and I went to a B.Y.U. football game in September with our friends Lawton and Aidan Smith -- highlights below include Adam sneaking down as close to the goal-line as possible, right next to the security dudes!

Below are highlights from a favorite family pasttime – wrestling! Adam is really great with his younger siblings and knows how to make it fun for them without being too rough. Dad sits around watching while holding a video camera, it appears.