Monday, May 26, 2008

FamWeek to May 26, 2008

Fam lowlight of the week: Mark couldn't get permission from the international affairs office at BYU to go to a conference in Nigeria and thus had to cancel his trip. :(
Fam highlights: going to Emma's year-end class play at school, and visiting the Dinosaur Museum together on Memorial Day. :)
Here are a few shots from the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point: Emma the dam-builder, replica of what sharks used to look like back when they were even bigger and meaner than today, sandpit for digging out fake bones, and lastly, revenge of the carnivorous souvenir!

Here are two shots of Emma's classroom play: Emma climbing up the endless hair of "Rafunzel" and then her and her teacher afterwards.

And lastly, a few more shots of kids doin' the stuff kids do. One of the photos is of someone "showing off their chest muscles" -- see if you can guess which!

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