Friday, June 29, 2012

Day two of the absolutely epic adventure of a lifetime...

Today we drove through Kansas and Eastern Colorado.
Dad thinks that this is the mos boringest drive ever (or thought), but I was pleasantly surprised. Me, Eloise, had never ever been to a place without mountains or large hills, and so this was a new experience for me. It was beautiful, in a different way than the rocky majesties of the Colorado rockies, but awesome nonetheless.
The flatness is very hard to photograph without being at least ten feet in the air, or so I should think (no, mom, I DIDN'T try that), but I did catch a few photos of the fields after fields of waving golden grain shimmering in the seemingly never-ceasing Kansasian wind. From what I can tell, old ladies here are a) always working at Subway, and b) not the nicest old grannies. The tele tells us about people dying from the heat right here in the booming metropolis of Kansas City Kansas.
I think that the Missouri side would provide us with less drunk company, but as long as we keep the car locked and the blinds shut and the money-holders or anything of value hidden, I think and hope that we'll be ok.
There were many oil pumps (which positivity dad says drill two miles into the ground), cows, abandoned barns, cows, falling-over yellow farmhouses, cows, and even some horses. This is the land where cows are the people in new york city to their parakeets (the humans, that is); and how many people own parakeets in the city? The Eastern part of Kansas looked surprisingly like New York: hilly and covered in trees interspersed with some smaller farms.
Anyways, we're staying in a hotel where the pool has absolutely no water, the hot tub is a mosquito den, and the rooms smell like wet carpets. Oh, and you can't take a bath because the sticky uppy thingy is stuck in up.
Yep, that's us. But hey, at least we're not in the car anymore, right?

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