Saturday, July 13, 2013

Road Trip 2013: The Drive from Utah to Los Angeles

A new year, a new road trip! This year my dad and I are going up highway one, from LA to Seattle, with multiple stops in between. And it's just the two of us, with much more space in the car than I ever even though possible, after having driven this first section many, many times with six people in the car, sometimes seven.
It was raining in Provo all day, and we followed the storm to Saint George, with a brief stop for ice cream (I got maple-nut, dad got half green pineapple half lemon custard) in Beaver and dinner in Saint George at Benja's.

Past Saint George the skies cleared. We wiped off the windows and refilled our waterbottles. We passed right by the obsolete art piece, and Hoover dam, and kept driving through Vegas.

A beautiful sunset about an hour past Primm greeted us. Lovely! Yay! We navigated the streets of LA in the dark, with an orangish moon over the horizon that was both gross and fascinating (eew smog. cool orange moon.).
Until tomorrow night! Today we're going through LA, Santa Barbara, and up to San Luis Obispo.

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