Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth Day: Staying at Dixons'

Hullo people, I'm writing this waaay too laate and shoould bee in beed.
We woke up and watched Adam and Tyler and Emily's three daughters wrestle on the mattress that he had been raving about last night. He complained as soon as we got in the car that a) no, he hadn't seen the pancakes on the table that Tyler had so kindly made us and we had all sat down to eat, b) he didn't want to go to another art museum, c) he didn't want to go to Fallingwater tomorrow, d) he didn't want to stop at the Cahokia mounds. So what did he want to do you ask? Go to the zoo.
What didn't I want to do? Go to the zoo in the middle of ninety degree weather. Sounds logical to me; so instead I went to the art museum (which was, bytheway, free) and they went to see seals balance basketballs on their noses.
We finally set out and Adam realized that there was a Cardinals game about to start. Dad was about to turn around when Adam changed his mind and decided that no he didn't want to go to the game, and we were only allowed to spend five minutes in the museum about the biggest ancient civilization north of the Aztecs while he would stay in the car and play DS, and Dad would leave the lights on.
When we returned from the car to a very unhappy Adam (who did not perk up after he was rewarded with an obsidian arrowhead). The battery was gone. We could not find the cables, but some friendly strangers who dad very observantly observed were daaaayteeeing. We were on our way for reals now, and didn't really stop after that until Indianana, where we were barraged with detours.
Sister Dixon showed us her evening primroses blooming and brother Dixon let us experiment on his $10,000 violin. We went to bed and slept soundly. Ahhshoo.
Overall a very fine day. The art museum was quite amazing, though I enjoyed what I caught of the Kansas City Art Museum a bit more.
Ahhshoo. That's me going to bed and actually sleeping. Ahhshoo.
Pictures tomorrow, it's eleven o'clock. Ahhshoo.
Oh, bytheway, happy first of July!
Oh, and this was actually written by Emma, not Mark.

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