Monday, July 2, 2012

Second to last day driving to Syracuse! Huzzah!
We got started waay late from the Dixon's, around noon, and then we went to the Triple XXX diner and the cemetery where grandpa Wilson was buried. We stopped by the house that my mom grew up in, the house that Granny moved to, the hospital where Adam was born, and Mom's high school.
Then we actually started driving, around one. We drove and drove for longer than I thought we would have to, although we went through four states: Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The hotel we're staying in does not make me think that we might get shot, and there's free breakfast in the morning as well. Tomorrow we're off to Fallingwater, and then we're driving onwards to Syracuse.
We're almost there!

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Crystal Wilson said...

How was falling water, Emma?? I have always wanted to see it and will one of these days. Sounds like you are having a fun trip, can't wait to hear more!