Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Burnses are coming! The Burnses are coming!

Okay... I'm back. I might've forgotten that I was supposed to be writing this. Maybe... but I'm here now! (cheering)
Last day = uneventful.
Oh, wait. We did go to the single most important house ever. And I got a t-shirt!
We woke up in Bentleyville in a hotel where we might have gone swimming if we hadn't arrived so late. We woke up and went swimming, after eating the breakfast of all breakfasts at the hotel. We set off for Falingwater and took our tour, and then drove all the way to Syracuse, where we went to bed!
Fallingwater was spectacular. We got a pretty much complete tour, and Dad told us many times about how the time before when he came, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had stayed there recently for his birthday. Then he complained about how 'jeez, mom doesn't give ME ten thousand dollar gifts for MY birthday!' -- apparently you can rent the whole entire house and the guest house and the property for ten thousand dollars, butler included, for one night.
The house was pretty dang cool. The cantilevers splayed themselves way out over the waterfall, and you could look down and see the water falling thirty feet - the same height as the building - onto more rocks. The guide pointed out all these different things about how the ceilings would be lowered to guide your eyes to the window, etc. etc. etc. Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius.

Right now Dad and I am driving towards Boston along I-90. We have a list of 98 things that absolutely we must see in Boston, and another list of 56 things for New York, and 124 things in DC. Just kidding. Things to see in Boston: the swan boats, tea at the Ritz, the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, MFA, Harvard Square and Library, Fogg Art Museum, Chinatown, Newbury Street and the Gargoyle Shop, St. Gaudins sculpture - the Shaw Memorial, chowda in the theatre district, freedom trail and Bunker hill, the Boston temple.  NYC: the Tenement museum, MoMA, the Cloisters, Central Park, Gugenheim. DC: Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam memorial, the Smithsonian Castle, National Portrait Gallery, Hirshorn Gallery, the National Gallery, the Holocaust Museum, Air and Space Museum?

Anyways, any suggestions (among these, please; unless you have something absolutely stunning to see that isn't on this list), vetoes, etc.? We'd love to hear from you. (:@ <- that's a three-eyed beast. One of the eyes is fake, though, like on a moth. I could show you many more creative beings-- but you'll have to figure them out for yourself.

)0 (8 (%  J<;, d: 4Lo turn these all sideways. One that I don't really get is the heart, though. <3 It doesn't even look like a heart.

<3 to all of you!

P.S. The photos below are from the fourth -- we went to Fallingwater and then Dad, Adam, and Grampy went to a baseball game and fireworks while grammy and I stayed home and watched the Devil Wears Prada.

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