Sunday, July 15, 2012

Okay... I'm sorry I should write more.

DC is beautiful. Much much cleaner than NYC. My shoes are still black from walking around all these three cities, but I wasn't stupid enough to wear whit shoes this time, thank goodness. We're staying with one of my dad's best friends from a while ago. They like good food, which was not something that we were too sad about. We went to the Lincoln memorial, the holocaust museum, the native American museum, the hirshorn museum, the national gallery, the Vietnam memorial, and the big obelisk thingy. Not in that order, exactly. Afterwards we stopped inside a building to wait for her so that we could go out for dinner. I the half an hour that we were inside the worst rain storm I've been in for a long long time came upon us. We went to a delicious Ethiopian restaurant, where you eat all the food with your hands and this spongy kind of pita sort of sour-doughy thin bread. Yum. We swim in the pool every day, and the temperature of the water is almost ninety or eighty-five degrees!

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