Thursday, July 19, 2012

Uncle Jeff's house, July 17-18

We went to our uncle's house in Buffalo yesterday. Adam was over the top-ly excited to ride in his boat and when they informed him that they also had a knee-board he couldn't stop thinking of alternative options to what we were doing that included the boat. Instead, we went swimming in the pool at the launch club and ate Bocce's for the second time this trip. Only the second time, which is pretty impressive.
Wednesday morning I was woken up much much too early by Adam, jumping on the air mattress. Of course, that made me want to get up even more than I had wanted to before he attacked me. We took our time trying every single type of jam/jelly that we sent them for Christmas a few years ago, and then (FINALLY!) we set out. Aunt Sue showed us how to knee-board, and then Dad, Adam, and I took turns flopping against the hard board on our bellies and having our arms ripped out of their sockets. Dad wasn't even laughing as he was bombarded with water from the wake. We took a quick turn down the Erie canal, and then we headed back home for lunch of re-heated pizza or hotdogs. We went to the pool again, and then came home and ate psketti and meatballs for dinner. Adam watched The Middle and Malcolm in the Middle while I watched My Cousin Vinnie with Grampa and Dad, and then we all went to bed. This morning we woke up and re-packed our things, forgetting my irreplaceable rice-bag pillow, of course; which we didn't find out until we were well on our way. Lunch at Ted's Hotdogs and Sundae's at Antoinettes, and then home again, home again. (:.
Miss you, mom.

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