Monday, July 15, 2013

Road Trip 2013: San Simeon to Monterey

The Bixby Creek Bridge is a really high bridge that we went over. There is also a Death Cab for Cutie song about it (although they call it the Bixby Canyon Bridge in the song). The niceness of the day had passed by this point sadly, and fog was on top of us again. It seems to be following us.
We stopped at Nepenthe for dinner, which was a cool restaurant on the edge of the cliffs with yummy (if rather expensive) food and a very hip gift shop.
 Above: the Lagoon and the falls.

 We went on a beautiful short hike/walk at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to Pfeiffer Falls. The little lagoon (not above, that's the other side, although it's beautiful as well) looked like it belonged in Neverland.

 We made a stop on the side of the road so that I could climb some cool asphault stone rock things.
The Greek Pool at the Hearst Castle was my favorite part. It was so beautiful and I just wanted to go swimming in it.

 The view from the castle. There was a road that wound up the hill that was one of the most beautiful drives in a bus that I have ever driven.
So, we woke up and went to Hearst Castle. This was fascinating an beautiful (when I get old I'm going to have a house like this). It also has a fascinating history, which you should learn about if you have the chance. Anyways, we went on a tour of the castle which only showed us a small portion, but it's really enough for me at least. The grounds and pool(s) were the really spectacular part.

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