Saturday, July 20, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Monterey, Monterey to San Francisco

The power cord for my dad's computer is broken. I really did try to post stuff, but alas.

Oh well.

We started out our day by going to Cannery Row for breakfast at this little Mexican deli place. 

Delicious hot chocolate. Although it was (as always) ridiculously hot when it arrived, and I had to wait like a HALF AN HOUR to drink it without burning my tongue off.

 Then we walked down and by the beach past this industrial wasteland kind of place, the old canning company.
 There were all these little shops.

 My dad would have bought this hand-made Turkish lamp, if it didn't cost six thousand dollars. Or something like that. Imagine my mom's face when he brought home a lamp and said, "Honey, we got you something!"
She would have been so THRILLED!!!

But we didn't. OR maybe we did. You'll just have to wait and see when we come home, mother dearest. (;

 Then we went to the aquarium. Which was big, and I wish we could have spent more time with the jellyfish, but my feet were killing me already at like noon, and our parking meter was about to run out. So we went back to this little place and got paninis within sight of where we were parked.
 There were starfish, and jellyfish, and these schools of minnows, and manta rays as big as I was, and sharks, and a sea turtle, and shrimp, and seahorses, and crabs, and sea bass four feet long. It was pretty cool.

We got into the car and drove to Carmel along the Seventeen Mile Drive which dad was really pumped about but was kind of just more beach views. We went to the Carmel mission, which really has some long Spanish name but I can't remember it.

It was gorgeous.

We ate dinner at this Mexican fast food place that wasn't Taco Bell, and there were lots of these evil-looking blackbirds around. They kept trying to steal our food.
Dad set out a plate for them, on the banister, and it fell. He did it again, and it fell again. So he put the plate on the ground and watched the evil birds fight over it. I told him that they were scary looking and next they would try to eat him like in that one Hitchcock movie, but he didn't believe me.

 We headed up to the Tickle Pink Inn, where they give you little chocolates just for coming and fold your toilet paper fancy.

We watched Skyfall and drank Martinelli's.
The view out the window was lovely. My dad spent about half an hour peering through the complimentary binoculars not at the dolphins and seals but into the richie-rich people's houses on the other side of the inlet.
I think that he wanted to watch a baseball game or something.

 Next day we woke up and went to the beach at Carmel. Sadly, it was freezing (you can't tell from the picture, but it was indeed) and you aren't supposed to actually swim in the water. Just look at it or something.
But there were really pretty sand dunes.

Then we started our drive up to San Francisco. It was long and very curvy.

 Once we arrived, we barely made it to Coit Tower before it closed, and then drove all the way up that street that you can see in the picture to a famous curvy road.
It was a rather ridiculous road.
Why would you build a road like that? It zig-zagged tightly between these people's backyards, and there were lots of German and Chinese people taking photos.

 We didn't get to see much of San Francisco, but what we did see was beautiful.

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