Saturday, July 20, 2013

We woke up and went to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful, and kind of amazing that they could build a bridge over the "Golden Gate" since it's ridiculously deep and cold and the waters are fast.
We drove almost nine hours up the coast of California, and stopped rather briefly in Montecito for dinner. But then we got distracted by a beautiful beach-cliff thing. The funny thing about the above photo is that he doesn't know that he's standing on a big sand cave.

I walked over this. It was fun.

Right before we stopped for the night, there was a turnoff for the Chandelier Tree, which is unfortunately closed at night. But we got to see the road towards it! and also the sign with a painting of the tree!

Next morning, we ate breakfast at this inn where we were staying. I had pancakes.

We drove up the Avenue of the Giants.

It was rather exciting.

Made me feel short.

We drove all the way to Portland, getting there at 10:02, and went to sleep.
 For breakfast we got Voodoo Doughnuts because Uncle John and Aunt Crystal were kind enough to read our brains and get them for us. We had been going to go there anyways, and then they went there for us! Peanut-butter and Oreo, maple and smoked bacon, and the classic ginger-doughnut-man with red filling that you stick pretzels into. Get it? Like a voodoo doll?
 We played around the worldby Kellen's rules on their fancy Sportcourt, and then talked about Lord of the Rings while Kellen chucked flip-flops at us from the balcony.

 Then we got in the car and drove past Tacoma and into Seattle. We got stuck in some really bad traffic which you cannot see in the photo above, thank goodness.
 It was a really cool road that was all up on bridges.
 Parker and his daughter Sylvie took us to see the fish ladder, where there were some salmon going up the dam and into Lake Washington. Sadly, there were only like thirty. Parker said that there were many, many, many more in the a) middle of the day, and b) sometime closer to July fourth. Then we went to a delicious pizza place.

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